Schnucks to expand use of in-store robots
Schnucks to expand use of in-store robots
October 30, 2018
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Grocery Dive
Jeff Wells
October 2018

Schnuck Markets announced it will put Tally, the aisle-scanning robot developed by San Francisco-based tech firm Simbe Robotics, in 15 stores. The decision follows a successful six-week test of Tally in three St. Louis locations last summer.

Tally is currently operating in four stores, where it scans all 35,000-plus products three times a day. Each scan conducts product and price tag audits, searches for out-of-stock items and recommends optimized locations for goods in the stores. Schnucks plans to put the robots in four more stores as soon as they become available.

Dave Steck, vice president of IT and infrastructure with Schnucks, told Grocery Dive in an interview that Tally improves store efficiency as well as the customer experience by making sure the right products are always available on shelves. For its test last summer, the company selected some of its top-selling locations. "We figured if it can't run in our busiest stores then it isn't worth pursuing," Steck said.

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