Data Capture

Say hello to Tally.

Your team’s new power-tool
is fully autonomous.

A winning personality.

Safety is Tally’s biggest priority. It’s designed to be considerate—even thoughtful about its movements.

Always polite

Tally plans its paths in real-time, sensing and avoiding obstacles with the help of nearly 40 sensors for 360˚situational awareness.

With a light body and the speed of a walking toddler, a collision wouldn’t hurt or damage anything anyway.

Always on its feet

Tally's bottom-heavy design keeps it from being knocked over, even if pushed.

Quite often, customers—particularly children—touch, bump or hug Tally while it’s working. While perhaps embarrassed, it is designed to handle the extra attention.

The perfect power-tool

From our experience, teams love that they're done performing boring audits. Tally frees them up to do more important and interesting things, like helping customers and fixing problems.


1x / week
65% Accuracy


3x / Day
97+% Accuracy


Tally checks 15,000 to 30,000 products an hour


Miles traversed in-store alongside customers and employees

45,000 hrs.

Fully-autonomous operation


Products and shelf tags analyzed


Shelf photos captured


RFID products scanned

Asked Questions
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Does it interact with people?

No. Tally is extremely dedicated to its work so store associates can spend more time assisting customers.

How do you operate Tally?

Well, you don’t. Tally is a zero-maintenance robot. If something does go wrong, our team is alerted and can address issues remotely. If something physical requires fixing, a Simbe engineer will visit the store.

Is it recording people?

Tally is not a surveillance machine. Tally captures shelves and understands the environment around it. The world looks like this to it:

What does Day 1 look like?

Easy. We’ll drive Tally around to create a store map, tell it where the charging dock is, and when to go on strolls. Done.

Do you need to plug Tally in?

Nope. Tally self docks and will charge itself.

What if my store layout changes?

No problem. Tally will adapt to your new store layout to ensure all products are scanned. No extra work on your part.

Tally’s Specs
  • Lightweight and runs at less than 1/3 human walking speed
  • 40 sensors for safely traversing even the most congested stores
  • Turn-in-place navigation
  • Motor disengages if necessary
  • Tip-proof thanks to Tally’s low center of gravity
  • Rounded-edge design throughout
  • Full traversal autonomy, allowing Tally to comfortably scan the entire store in one go
  • 90 minutes for 0 to 100 charge
  • State-of-the-art path planning and obstacle avoidance
  • Polite AI™ instructs Tally to always give customers the right-of-way
  • Ability to turn-in-place
  • Tally understands where it is located in a 150K sq ft store to within 1-2 inches distance
  • Scan Traversal speed: 0.45 m/s (average human walkin speed is 1.5 m/s)
  • Sleek design allows Tally to navigate through tighter spaces than any other service robot in the market
Tally Vision
  • Over a dozen high resolution cameras capturing shelves
  • Average scan time: 2 hours
  • No camera flash required
Tally Sense
  • Modular RFID antenna design to fit Tally’s existing form
  • Optimized for short read range applications up to 4 meters
  • Available in both FCC and ETSI frequencies
  • Uses your store's wifi to connect to Simbe Intelligence
Data Security
  • All data encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Uses leading cloud providers with industry best-in-class security
  • Top-to-bottom layered security from the robot to the cloud, from the physical layer to the application layer
  • Customizable role-based, fine-grained, access control for all data consumers within your organization

Powerful image capture and RFID capabilities.

Learn how Tally sees the world

See what we can do for your stores.
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Powerful image capture and RFID capabilities.

Learn how Tally sees the world

See what we can do for your stores.
Request a free demo